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Remington Genesis Breech PlugContemporary PA/KY Longarms; Miscellaneous Longarms; Remington …. The store will not work correctly when cookies are disabled. Send us your Pro Hunter breech plug and we will modify it and return it to you. Repeat until all residue is off. Remington 870 – Shell Stuck in a Barrel. I know the manual say to install the breech plug until the rear is even with the front edge of the ejection port. 1924 Views 0 Replies 1 Participant Last post by (209) ignition in my 700 ML. If you have a touch hole liner, I would next go to the use of a high-pressure grease gun to move the obstacle. Remington Genesis Muzzleloading Accessories is available with the following options: We offer complete line of Remington Rifle Scope Mounts, Rings and Bases. Double click on above image to view full picture *Images are stock photos. Soak the barrel in very hot, soapy water for about 1/2 hour. Remington Model 700 Ultimate Muzzleloaders Muzzleloader season is now 300 yards long SEE MORE. 4 words related to ramrod: rod, overseer, superintendent, rod. Access to the breech plug has long been a signal complaint in muzzleloaders. Remington Model 4, 742, 7400 disassembly notes. Every breech plug I've seen that is meant to use w/ loose powder like those used in the T/C Encore, has a pocket or dished out area allowing the powder propellants to get closer to the. With Blackhorn, I pull the plug every 5 shots and re-tape, and doing so it seems to work well for me. Place the breech plug in the receiver. Bore out and thread for breech plug. 50 caliber that still loads the bullet down the rifle’s muzzle. For the Remington Barrels we highly recommend PR Bullet Breech Plug without compromise. We carry exact matches and primer adapters. But then, they built a better gas-operated …. Shop for Gun Parts from the Best Brands including Magpul PMAGs, GLOCK, Remington, TRYBE Defense, Ruger, SIG SAUER, & more! — 21,618 products / 65,304 models. BridgeCom Systems is not responsible for the potential consequences of installing and using other user's codeplugs. First remove the barrel from the stock. Thread starter skunked; Start date Oct 16, 2008; Help Support Modern Muzzleloading Forum:. The breech plug wrench or T-handle rod, speed breech and o-rings all are vital parts of the Pro Hunter rifles and muzzleloaders in order that they may function properly. This CVA® replacement breech plug uses a standard 209 primer and is constructed of stainless steel. 25 ACP Breech Plug Conversion with 10 …. Trigger-guard actuated breech lever. Black powder/muzzleloader type: Yes. Breech plug lube that works? Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 30 of 30 Posts. The ignition systems are tested in the most inclement weather to assure consistent firing under all. Browse our Breech Plugs on BudsGunShop. Model, MUZZLELOADER BREECH PLUG WRENCH. muzzleloader like the Remington Ultimate ">Has anyone built a muzzleloader like the Remington Ultimate. Anyone have suggestions for sticking breech plugs on Remington Genesis muzzle loaders? Tried several lubes, no luck. Home Forums Hunting & Shooting Muzzleloaders Need a breech plug for a Knight Revolution. Traditions Breech Plug, Trad A3831 Breech Plug Cleaning K. This American made quality reproducted front sight ramp screw is for the model 700 ML bolt action mu. Fiber optic sites, drilled/tapped for scope, sling studs, rubber butt pad, pivoting breech design, trigger block safety, hammer. Very accurate and was a trendsetter 10yrs ago. Buy a Remington 85846 TRADITIONS BREECH PLUG FOR A1344 Manufacturer: Remington MPN: 85846 UPC: for sale by SKYARMS on GunsAmerica. This is made of stainless steel and will require use of a tiny rubber o-ring inside the primer channel. For this reason, that part is few & far-between. This Breech Plug fits: Wolverine 209, TK2000, American Knight, MK85, LK93, LK11, BK92, Bighorn and Littlehorn. When placed between the breech­ plug bolster and the jaws of the wrench it protects the sides of the plug and tang. Or fastest delivery Sat, Oct 14. The overall length of the case means nothing. of the action is submerged to a depth of at least 12 inches so that water can saturate the powder charge through the breech plug. Survival (current) Free 2nd Amendment Gun Rights Silver Coin ; DIY Hover Hook Target Shooting System ; Usmc Half Cutting ; Bulletproof Residence ; Free 2nd Amendment T-shirt ; The Lost Superfoods ;. Unless you have the Proper Tools, And knowledge, you will almost GAURANTEED Ruin your Breech Plug. 10 Carrier Dog Follower Spring. Variations: Genesis ML Camo Genesis MLS Overmold Genesis MLS Camo. *Breech plug*Brand new Musket Nipple (winning bidder may exchange musket nipple for used. 50 CAL STAINLESS 28" *INCREDIBLE MUZZLE LOADER* BAM06. 40 Cal VariFlame Breech Plug, Tungsten Insert, Large Rifle Primer Breech. Priming kit includes everything you need to prime and deprime modules (ASG189 universal deprime station and Lee Hand Primer) Remington UML Replacement Breech Plug $ 90. And I took one saturated Windex patch and swabbed the bore . Online shopping in Canada for hunting supplies, new and used firearms and bows, rare gun parts and obsolete ammunition. Hinged Top 50 Round Clear With Black Base Ammo Box 223 Remington, 300 AAC Blackout, etc. We have dialed in the fit for these barrels, so the two plug process (A &B) is no longer required. Thompson Center Steel Pro Hunter Speed Breech Plug 7523. Manufactured from 2006 to 2008. One draw back is pay special attention to how the rifle comes apart and goes back together. X-Mark Pro® Externally Adjustable Trigger, 2. Universal Breech Plug & Nipple Wrench. The manual suggests a 5/16 thin wall deep socket which I cannot find. The issue im having is when I load the gun up and leave it loaded it wont fire the next day. Making Breech plugs work with Blackhorn209 or any other …. Cannot be used with Pursuit™ or Yukon™ Models. It shoots good with 100 grains of powder and 295 grain powerbelts. Remington Genesis In Line ">Muzzleloading Safety Rules. 4 models Thompson Center Shockwave Mag-express Sabots Bullets (1) As Low As $19. 035 Bushing, and 20 modules), Breech Plug, Firing Pin, Recoil Lug, Remington 700ML LRMP System (Bolt head. Keep your black powder rifle in top condition with the Vented 209 Muzzleloader Breech Plug from Knight Rifles. Remington REPLACEMENT BREECH PLUG. with my dial caliper and of course this …. Badger Ridge Industries sales of gun gear and related items: Formed Freeze Plug, 50 54 45 cal Remington 700 ML MLS & Ruger 77/50 209 updated sealed primer conversion, Blackhorn209 Solvent Trap, SD Tactical, Form 1, trigger, …. Brand: Connecticut Valley Arms. Breech plug lube that works?. Pre-primed cases load with the ease of any centerfire. Buy Remington genesis Muzzle Loader Stainless Steel Breech Plug: GunBroker is the largest seller of Other Muzzleloader Supplies & Black Powder Parts Black Powder & Muzzleloaders All: 994078998 Remington genesis Muzzle Loader Stainless Steel Breech Plug. Black Powder - Remington 700 ML Breech Plugs --- What the heck! - I cant seem to get the nipple and breech plug apart ( I know it sounds like a personal problem ). This is the second time this has happened. Remington Rolling Block Hammer, Breech Block, and Pins Gun …. Remington Genesis Muzzleloading Accessories is available with the following options: Model RM9021: …. For purposes of explication and clarity, the firearm 1 shown in the drawing Figures and referred to throughout this specification is an exemplary rifle. Find Remington Versa Max parts, accessories and schematics with Numrich Gun Parts. Remington Ultimate Re-barrel: $1600. They are new CNC manufacture to the. Outfit your Remington Versa Max with quality OEM and aftermarket parts. Thread starter SWThomas; Start date Dec 29, 2008; Help Support Modern Muzzleloading Forum:. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Remington Genesis Muzzleloader Breech Plug at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many …. Problems go well beyond the breech plug straight to the brass primers. Savage/Smokeless Muzzleloading. It effectively converts the NEF/H&R Huntsman and Sidekick muzzleloading rifles from the plastic primer carriers to a direct fit 209 plug that BH209 can be used in. 75 lbs and has a 26-inch (3/4X24) free-floating barrel with a 1:22-inch twist. Freeze Plug form, 45 50 54 cal Remington 700 ML MLS & Ruger 77/50 209 best updated sealed shot shell primer conversion Badger Ridge Industries sales of gun gear and related items: Formed Freeze Plug, Hunter Bolt nose Remington 700 ML MLS 209 shot shell primer conversion, Solvent Trap, SD Tactical, Form 1, Can, Silencer, …. 302" or longer primers results in zero blow by. Access to the Traditions Pursuit XLT breech plug was easiest of the three, since the wrench could reach it without interference. All reports from serious users have shown that using it with BH209 seriously degrades the breech plug. This wrench makes installation and removal of breech plugs easy and is ideal …. Muzzleloader Parts for Sale. They are supposed to be a permanent fixture of the ML that never gets removed. Description: CVA Optima Breech Plug Wrench. Remington came up with a Model 700. It’s also easy to load and shoot. Improved for use with Remington Kleanbore® 209 Muzzleloading Primers. Does anyone know if the Remington Genesis was discontinued or is planned to be obsolete?. A Bestill Creations breech plug is used to shoot the CCI, and the 209A primers with a tight seal. My Remington Genesis Arrived. Now Remington has gone a step forward-or you might say backward-by introducing the simplest in-line design to date. This Remington manufactured mainspring is for the model 700 ML bolt action muzzle loading rifle and. Push the action bar lock upward and pull the forend back to open the action. Remington Breech Bolt Assembly Remington 11-87 12 Gauge Super Magnum Shop All Featured Ammunition Featured Reloading Supplies Featured Gun Parts Featured Optics Air Guns Ammunition. 2nd Step - Remove the ramrod from the thimble (s). With the OEM breech plugs, if the head space isn't perfect, the nipples can and will gas cut. I note that parts (specifically a breech plug) are scarce for the Genesis. Traditions 209 Hex Head Style Breech Plug Pursuit, Buckstalker, Yukon # A1446. His search landed him on the Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader but he still wasn't satisfied. The Immediate Shipment option requires a $50 deposit. Joined Sep 17, 2007 Messages 127 …. The pink tape is a thicker tape and will with stand a greater temp. Traditions Evolution Thunderbolt Tracker Rifle. I tape and grease my breech plug. 581, so I used that plug and my grain weight went up from mid 490 grain to around 507 average, heaviest at 511 gr and lightest at 501. Muzzleloader Breech Plugs for sale at Midsouth Shooters. - The best replacement bolt bodies for the Remington 700 …. And I took one saturated Windex patch and swabbed the bore. WTS/WTT Sightmark Wraith HD 2-16x28 with Sniper Hog 66LRX. Badger Ridge Industries Remington 700ML breech plug tuning. Repeat steps 9-11 until the dry patch is clean. Remington UML Muzzleloader Breech Plug Upgrade. This wrench makes installation and removal of breech plugs easy. NEVER smoke while using your muzzleloader or while near any quantity of black powder, PYRODEX. As with many muzzleloaders, in the Genesis, an exposed hammer strikes a. The hammering action can loosen up a stuck bolt far better than twisting torque. New and used Spark Plugs for sale in Los Angeles, California on Facebook Marketplace. SKU: N/A Category: Breech Plugs Tags: 9/16" Arrowhead Plug, Arrowhead 209 Breech Plug, breech plugs $ 86. Many muzzleloading rifles operate with a degree of clumsiness and filth that would be quickly and loudly be deemed completely unacceptable in any other type of sporting firearm. Sold Location: Liberty, KY 42539. What I did is used a small diameter hex wrench on the breech, then the nipple/breech tool on the nipple. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Remington, Model 24, 22 short breech bolt block at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Skip to main content #4 …. The 3-way ignition (#11 caps, musket caps, and 209 primers) breechplug comes with a 209 shotshell primer nipple installed. Thank you for the welcome responses to my introduction! Glad to join with you all. Remington 870 Disassembly and Reassembly. An 1/8" drill bit will fit the Encore an Omega, not sure on the Tri. I am finding it equally difficult to find anything to replace it. Breech plug with 25 firing modules. 490 round ball, patches, 200 Federal 209 primers and about 3/4 pound of Pyrodex (primers …. com: Traditions 209 Breech Plug. 410 bore unless noted otherwise. 490 round ball, patches, 200 Federal 209 primers and . The PP brass primer carriers can vary in head thickness up ot. Question re writeup on Remington Genesis ML. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Remington+Model+1100+11-87+1187+Breech+Bolt+Assembly+-+12+Gauge at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! CVA Breech Plugs. The TC Stainless Steel Impact Breech Plug is made from high quality stainless steel and machined to exacting tolerances. I’ve been shooting and hunting with five different. This product cannot be shipped to: CA. Wipe with a clean cotton cloth. Available for purchase is this Remington 700 ML Muzzleloader Breech Plug. Remington 700 ML Breech Plug Brownells # 078000158 MFR # BROWNELLS REM. The breech plug installs into the rifle with your standard Remington breech plug wrench. Left to right, new shell holding bolt cap with a. I personally would not use just any old grease, but the anti seize you can purchase at an Auto Parts store, or Slick 50 1 grease, or any of the breech plug greases will work. I put a bunch of CLP down the muzzle. Remington will not warrant the breech plugs if they've been shot with BH. Stainless Steel from Log In Try for free Log In Try for free Price Guide; Marks; Library Remington 700ML Breech Plug. gle3105; Sep 22, 2022; Inline Muzzleloading; Replies 4 Views 667. They are threaded into the barrel and removing them usually requires a strong vise and a big wrench. Fixed-breech hammer-fired muzzle-loaders manufactured in a variety of configurations. Jebs Head Hunter Ported Turkey Choke - 20 Gauge - Rem Choke -. Shop Now: https://muzzle-loaders. I see the logic for leaving the breech plug out but I'd worry it would get misplaced. There was no blow back from the breech plug, nothing on the belly of the scope. Shop muzzle loader accessories and supplies today! PISTOL (18) POWDER (18) PROJECTILES (110) RIFLE (40). Remington 1100 Shotgun Review, Top 8 Upgrades and Accessories. 1 bid · Time left 6h 11m left (Today 08:37 AM) Remington 700ML. Includes 20 Primer Modules (ASG152) U. Stelljes Discussion Starter · Feb 2, 2009. Replace your worn factory part or keep one as a backup part while in the field. Every breech plug I've seen that is meant to use w/ loose. This breech plug works well with the new Remington 700ML Muzzleloiader 209 conversion kit. Just go to Traditions Firearms Co. Essential Muzzleloader Supplies Every Hunter Needs (2023). Load combos that have worked the best in my Genesis and my Triumph are 100-110gnv BH 209 along with 250SST/shortMMP sabot, and my favorite the 300gn Remington. Thunder Dome™ One Piece Breech Plug A1413 One-piece breech plug with 209 primer nipple fits Tracker and Evolution Models. The Remington Genesis was imported into the country under the Remington Logo by Tradition Firearms. Arrowhead Gen2 LRMP Breech Plugs. Thread starter cayuga; Start date Mar 31, 2010; Help Support Modern Muzzleloading Forum: cayuga In Remembrance. Patent 10,209,029 Remington UML Replacement Breech Plug $ 90. 22 - Self tuned RWS34 T06 Classic. 56 NATO Patrol 30-Round 16" Semi-Automatic Rifle in Black. FREE SHIPPING on Over 250,000 Products. The Remington Genesis has been a real surprising rifle to own. The Paramount Pro Colorado weighs an acceptable 8. MGW offers a vast array replacement barrels, stocks, forends, recoil pads, sights, trigger assemblies, mag tube components, recoil springs, pins and other small parts for this iconic pump shotgun. When cleaning the barrel, simply rotate the ramrod and patch. Savage 10ML-II 10ML2 Breech Plug High Performance $85. remington breechplugs (update "pics") General. STEP 2: With an empty bolt nose, and the breech plug and bolt assembled into the rifle per the Owner's Manual, close the bolt on an empty Badger Ridge breech plug. New part, fits all Remington 700ML rifles. This kit converts the T/C Muzzleloader to use small rifle primers by way of. Some gun owners only find out about shotgun plugs right before their bird hunting trip, and an unlucky few find out only after a warden tickets …. My Remington Genesis is mostly produced by CVA but still holds the Remington Brand. Dump out what's left in the barrel and then put it in a vice. Arrowhead Rifles factory tc omega custom breech plug. A pipe cleaner can be used to get the smaller areas clean and dry. SKU: N/A Categories: Breech Plugs, Miscellaneous Parts Tags: 1/4x0. Remington Model 700 "Ultimate Muzzleloader" 50 Caliber Rifle. 40 Caliber muzzleloader is the winner of Best New Muzzleloader for 2021. Does anybody on here know where I can find a breech plug for this gun. and order a breech plug for a Yukon. Military APO/FPO/DPO addresses. I clean every few shots with 777, so I just re-tape. Breech Plugs : Straight Tang Breech Plugs. Remington 870 is a very good shotgun, you just need to understand how to use it. But the bottom "plug" of the mold seemed loose and I noticed small "rings" at the base of the bullet. Cheap, easy to find breech seals, Air guns, Airgun Forum. Sizing a DD Remington 700C breech plug. 50 Cal Collapsibe Palmsaver Ramrod. 00 Model 1863 Upper Band with Screw. RM17A : Remington Meshback Cap - Brown & Black Patch (Low Crown) $24. Mauser_Hunter # 7110151 11/25/12. Get the best deals on Remington Vintage Hunting Black Powder when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Iron Maiden - Killers, 6 Lp:s Lot, USA, France, Spain, Portogal, Greece. jeffb243 Discussion starter · Dec 30, 2018. Blunderbuss Breech Plugs Bullet Casting Bullet Starters Cappers & …. Remington Model 14,141 Breech Block,. Remington Genesis ML Camo Article: Market types: Civil. When it comes to option 2: you send us the bolt, it's converted, then shipped back with the new breech plug/vent liner and other small tools. " ===== Put the breechplug in b/4 you Rem-Oil the bore. Midwest Gun Works Gunsmiths can offer you the knowledge and skill that. The best 209 conversion for the Remington 700 ML MLS. Traditions Lightning Ebolt Rifle. Remington Rolling Block Hammer, Breech Block, and Pins Gun Parts Lot - Lot of vintage Remington rolling block hammer, breech block, and pins. This video will show you how to remove. Shop & find Muzzleloading and more here at Remington. This is a solid basic gun, and the external options are purely cosmetic. We want to ensure that making a return is as easy and hassle-free as possible! If for any reason you are not satisfied with …. CVA Blackhorn QR Breech Plug for use with Blackhorn and Other Loose Powder Muzzleloading Propellants · CVA Magnum Speed Loader - 45 Cal - 3 Pack · Thompson Center . Will this breech plug fit my remington genesis? 1 answer. Performance breech plugs untilize a hybrid ignition system utilizing Magnum Primed & trimmed brass (on a. Best way to remove a stuck muzzleloader breech plug. Forums Member List Calendar Active Threads: Previous Thread: Next Thread : Print Thread: Hop To : Need a breech plug for a Knight Revolution. w/28" Nickel Barrel & Synthetic Stock w/ Accessories Remington has developed and fine tuned every muzzleloader to give the hunter every advantage in the field. Bell and Carlson Medalist M40 Stock with Primed Case Storage. DISC & Vision Western Legal Muzzleloader Breech Plug. The Genesis firing system has only two moving parts, yet it solves all of the complications and drawbacks inherent to in-line muzzleloaders. Threading will accomodate 209 or #11 nipples. Bestill Omega Custom Breech Plug 3/22/2020. All will fit genesis muzzleloader. Industry News; Airgun Hunting; Whitetail Deer Hunting; Turkey Hunting; Big Game Hunting;. Put some dish washing liquid in the water and put the barrel in, breech down. The Thompson Center® Deluxe Inline Breech Plug Wrench is constructed from a durable steel tube and is perfect for removing your breech plug quickly and easily. Remington Genesis scoped and sighted in. I was looking at this breechplug at Bass Pro last night and it looks exactly like the one that's in my Remington Genesis. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. It shared several components with the Remington 870 pump, which debuted in 1950. nice shooting, and nice looking set up. 458 HP @ 1875fps zeroed at 150yds. Bobby5 said: I’ve searched on here and saw were on the newer knights you can use a 7/16 deep well 1/4 to remove the breech plug on mine that won’t work. Unless you have some real experience in removing breech plugs, don't. Remington will not warrant the rifle and breech plug if it is known to have been shot with BH. With muzzle pointed in a safe direction, open the breech and insert a 209 shotgun primer into the back of the breech plug and close the breech. Accutip Muzzleloader Bullet 50 cal 250 Grain. 99 Free Shipping Option* Add to Compare (9) CVA Blackhorn Breech Plug All Calibers Stainless St $28. 209 In-Line Shotgun Primer Replacement Breech Plug. The Apprentice’s Notebook Part 1. Remington UML Replacement Breech Plug $ 90. First time Muzzleloader and was just given a Savage Model 10 ML-II. The '42 model, Mississippi Model, etc. for over 150 years, continues to be a leader in the production of sporting firearms as well as police weapons. The yellow tape is the thickest tape and is really designed for gasoline pipe. Ditto the various and sundry hassles of stuck primers, fouled or crispy scopes and external blowback. Includes 20 Primer Modules (ASG152) for use with Large Rifle Magnum …. The 700mls was the magnum version capable of 150grs maximum of black powder. This muzzlelader has a Torch Cam Breech Block in front of the Trigger Mechanism. 458 HP with Harvester Black Crushed sabot. FINALLY THE WAY THE 700 ML/MLS SHOULD BE! A Remington 700 MLS with the Hunter-Badger Ridge 209 Conversion Kit. Remington (RUM) has enough head space issues by itself. Paints-n-cows Discussion starter. Traditions 1858 Remington New Army. Genesis™ Duplex Muzzleloader Scope and Muzzle-Loaders. gwhjr98 Discussion starter · Oct 29, 2009. THOMPSON CENTER ENCORE ENDEAVOR SPEED BREECH PLUG XT MUZZLELOADER #7542. Here’s a fun fact: the 870 12-gauge is built on a 16/20 gauge 11-48 receiver, which is one reason 870s are trim. Anyone who has used muzzleloaders has probably dealt with frustration and failures. Manufactured from quality steel with a matte blued finish, this breech plug wrench is designed for installing and removing the breech plug of popular CVA muzzleloading rifle models such as the Wolf, Optima, and Kodiak. Can Breech Plug Be Interchange In Rem 700 ML,MLS,UML. Shop All Major Muzzleloader Brand Breech Plugs. ¡Y Tu Capacidad de Cambiar el Mundo!. Unfortunately, the blow back with 209 primers is fierce, the worst I have encountered. (0) Blackhorn 209 EZ Check Charge Tubes 20 Pack with Carrying Case. To use the tool, simply tighten the br. Tom Teasers Butt Naked Hen Diaphragm Turkey Call. Description: Thompson / Center Encore 209x50 / Omega / Impact Breech Plug Wrench, 7/16" Plugs. - MMP sabots, they work great with Blackhorn209 powder and modern hand gun bullets. Re: Traditions PA-pellet flintlock- stuck breech plug! Originally Posted by USMC3531. Despite having gone from a proud family owned business to a succession of owners, Remington has always been a name that stood for quality and is still a major influence on the firearm world. You don't get a wrench to take out the CVA BP when you buy the gun, because you never need it. After looking at several in stores, I opted against the Genesis because I thought the cam-action breech might get broken in the field. To remove a stuck breech plug, first try to actually tighten the breech plug and then rock the wrench back and forth to attempt to loosen the breech plug. I also used a can of Molly Lube …. Today, I removed the breech plug to clean it, but only the 209 nipple came out, causing me to snivel. 50 28" Nickel Synthetic Stock w. Constructed from quality steel with a matte blued finish, this Breech Plug Wrench is designed to fit any 7/16" breech plug on muzzleloader firearms. Remington Model 1-1/2 Sporting Rifle. camera systems; mag loader; range safety; shooting mats; weather meters; Shop all range accesories; 050-22619 | Remington. Get the best deals on Remington Vintage Hunting Black Powder when you shop Remington UML Muzzleloader Breech Plug Upgrade Remington Genesis. I purchased the stainless steel model. None of my long barreled sockets will fit it. This Genesis normally shoots pellets extremely well. This shotgun line enjoyed a fair amount of success between 1956 and 1963. Traditions Accelerator Breech Plug For Pursuit II/No Tools N. If you tried all of this, you can boil the breech plug. The other day I noticed the hammer would not cock normally. Parts in this category may be for specific models. Additional vent liners available for purchase (ASG026). If you have any questions, look up Encore in the muzzleloader forum. A new one has to be hand fitted to line up with the flats of the barrel and then the final filing is done on the breech plug to match the barrel. Impact Breech Plug by Thompson Center Product Overview Midsouth offers the Stainless Steel Impact Breech Plug. This stainless steel replacement breech plug is designed to work with T/C. Upon ignition, the 209 primer instantly puffs, effecting an. You MUST inspect every fired case. Get a cleaning rod with a bronze bore brush of the correct size. Also the breech plug has a 209 primer stuck in it. Genesis shooting 110 grains Blackhorn 209. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4; Page 5 Page 29; Page Next; Filter. Used 700 action ,Brux Barrel, Manners stock, All parts were bought from Hanks Precision. They designed a breech plug that can resist the burning of breech plugs when using Blackhorn 209. 50 Cal Pieces: 6 Pieces Bristle Type: Nylon Includes: Cleaner/Brushes/Patches Hazair: Yes Customer Reviews:. 32 CF Caliber Rimfire Breech Loading ROLLING BLOCK Rifle Nice 19th Century INDIAN WARS Era Rifle Here we present an antique Remington Rolling Block Rifle, …. A couple buddies convinced me to upgrade to a Remington 700 Ultimate based on their reviews and, most of all, their tight groups at 200 yards with 200 grains of powder. 209 Primer Ignition 50 Cal Muzzleloader Conversion Kit. Led Zeppelin 2nd II Japan LP BLUE-OBI INSERT NM. Some shooters think that if a 100-grain charge hits dead on at 75 yards, adding another 50-grain pellet will automatically yield at least as tight a group and hit higher. Today was no exception I started off with a clean barrel and dropped down two 50 grain. Thompson Center Pro Hunter O. Able to use both hands HammerSpur. For attacking the rust, remove the nipple from the barrel. Yeah, there are those who say they shoot BH with no problems. Blunderbuss Buckstalker XT Pursuit XT Tracker Vortek Strikerfire Breech Plugs Bullet Casting Bullet Starters Cappers & Loading Finishing Supplies Flints & Jaw Pads Gun Stocks & Barrels Holsters Kits & Outfits. The problem is the 5/8" comes up with the discount, but the 7/8" is not currently. The breech plug was a little more difficult to clean but only because of the fouling from the primers. ASG Gen2 Breech Plug Upgrade for Ultimate Firearms Muzzleloaders. Add to Compare Add to Wishlist. This Remington 700 209 nipple will not work with the older original Remington ML 209 conversion kit. The Remington 700 Ultimate breech plug IS NOT TORQUED TO 100 ft/lbs!!!!! It's 100 in/lbs!!! Or converted; 8. About Product Crossbolt wellbeing. Find Remington 700 Muzzleloader parts and schematics at Numrich Gun Parts. This breech plug replaces your inline breech plug for most Traditions™ inline muzzleloaders with a 209 primer ignition. I looked at one today and it didn't seem to swing up more than one-half inch. 7 ft/lbs!!! The breech plug that comes standard in the rifle is not really designed for the use of BH 209 (or any loose powder) because the front of the breech plug is flat. Breech plug includes one vent liner (asg026). The Remington Genesis™ ML is equipped with a fully adjustable rear sight. While performance and style are certainly hallmarks of Remington firearms, one factor ultimately drives their performance. Accessory Category, Misc Hunting Accessories. rbstern Discussion starter Includes original manual, breech plug removal tool, some saboted bullets, a box of. Traditions Accellerator Breech Plug A1443 (12) 12 product ratings - Traditions Accellerator Breech Plug A1443. 24 Primed Cases and 24 Projectiles. For instance, you can clean a Thompson Center muzzleloader with a CVA cleaning kit and vice versa. Encore, who a regular in the muzzleloader, turned me to them. My new Remington Genesis's breech block gets fouled so bad after 4 or 5 shots that it's darn near impossible to open it. Man, that stuff is dirty compared to. For parts information, call (860) 388-4656. Arrowhead Gen2 LRMP Breech Plug DSS Replacement Plug. Traditions Breech Plug & Nipple Grease - A1581. Stainless steel breech plug for TC Omega; Weight: Approximately. Breech plug size of Remington ML vs Ruger ML. Two questions: 1- Would it be a good idea to have a second breech plug? 2- If yes, where would I find one to fit it? Thank you in advance. Unlike most contemporary rifles pressed into service Ferguson’ rifle could mount a bayonet and also had an adjustable rear sight—the first of its kind to see service. Remmington Genesis???? Thread starter Vermonster; Start date Oct 13, 2008; Oct 13, 2008 #1 Vermonster Active member. By discharging a couple of 209's you will clean and dry the breech plug. com® Breech Plug Anti-Seize Lube is a hard-working, synthetic, Teflon®-based lubricant that seals the threads of any muzzleloader breech plug, as well as shotgun choke tubes and other actions. It was very dirty, especially at the breech. (See 'photographs' page)From what I'm reading, they have steel that is too soft, and the breech plugs are blowing out, and you can guess what happens then. The part fits into the chamber and accepts the 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader casing as part of the U. It is a pain for me to make one on my equipment. The Remington® 700 Ultimate™ Muzzleloader is quick and easy to clean with its stainless steel, satin-finished barrel, and Bell & Carlson attractive, black composite stock. The first photo shows very well the Remington Breech …. Perfect for any muzzleloading rifle! Fast Shipping, Best Prices, Expert Advice! Remington. For all their ability to seal a breech to contain fouling, the fact is there will always be blowback. Sort By: Items Per Page: Item Total: (8) 0 - 8. All 3 items are required to get a complete EZ tool setup (you can buy a complete set up or choose just the individual components). Any part that fits the Tradition's Yukon fits the Genesis. Early muzzle plugs were a short, conical dowel made of wood, but soon a brass cup. The breech plug is a royal PITA to remove. Arrowhead Gen2 LRMP Breech Plugs $ 90. Take your ramrod with a jag and a clean damp patch, push it all the way down the barrel of your muzzleloader. Supposing that breech plug can not be removed with reasonable force using this breech plug wrench available, contact the Remington Service Center recorded on sheet 29 of this. Take a good luck at the photos below. For instance, I am running the bases and rings for the Yukon. Sizing a DD Remington 700C breech plug. Muzzleloader Brass Cleaning & Loading Jag -. He got it from relatives of a family member who passed away. 32 CF Caliber Rimfire Breech Loading ROLLING BLOCK Rifle Nice 19th Century INDIAN WARS Era Rifle Description: Antique REMINGTON. OpticsPlanet, Inc is an Authorized US Distributor for Remington Rifle Scope Mounts, Rings and Bases. Replacement Breech Plug For Post 2010 Accura Optima and Wolf For Loose Powder. Remington, USA: 10,000 rifles Norway: 53,450 rifles both percussion lock breech-loading rifles and muzzle loaders, a long bayonet, a three-pronged screwdriver, an oil bottle, a cleaning rod, and a muzzle plug to stop moisture from getting into the barrel. Traditions Firearms shows how to remove a stuck breech plug in your break action muzzleloader. Joined Dec 26, 2008 FX Pro Hunter Breech plug. The o-ring makes the shorter primers work. I used Remington Premier STS 209 Primers for all of the shooting and they fired off perfectly …. Drill and tap the seized plug out and buy a replacement plug. New for 2021 is the CVA Paramount HTR with ballistics that is comparable to a 300 Win Mag. Black Powder Rifle Nipples. A duet with Toronto-based artist and frequent collaborator Adaline, "So Low. Get your black powder rifle or pistol back in new working order with replacement and upgrade parts here at MGW. This innovative new system is paired with a Model 700™ receiver, a vault of. Remington 700 short action stainless single shot. Smokeless conversions are possible but won't be covered in this post. Removing a stuck breech plug. Remington MUZZLELOADER BREECH PLUG WRENCH; Remington MUZZLELOADER BREECH PLUG WRENCH. They are basically the same thing as a Traditions Yukon. I have looked around at many …. Remove the barrel from the stock and then remove the trigger assembly from. Make sure that the shape you bend allows the brass to lie close to sides of the bolster. 50 caliber inlines for 14 years. Vintage Remington Model 29 breech block bolt (early) $65. Northwest Traditions® Accelerator™ Breech Plug. Model 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader – Synthetic (86960) 26-inch Stainless Steel Fluted Barrel. The Accura™ LR-X muzzleloader carries over most of the features from the previous model with some serious upgra. com the best online marketplace for buying and selling semi auto pistols, firearms, accessories, and collectibles : …. Springfield Side Lock Screw (Lock Bolt) $25. com Forums">Remington Genesis Parts. Contemporary PA/KY Longarms; Miscellaneous Longarms; Remington Longarms; Shotguns; TR1444 TRADITIONS ACCELERATOR BREECH PLUG WRENCH. I apologize for the slightly angled video, I forgot to level the camera before filming, so it looks like my drilling and tapping are off. They had a bunch of lawsuits relating to in-line breech plugs that were poorly threaded. Remington 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader Review, Part One. Nothing wrong with using the manufacturer's recommendations, but that does NOT include using BH209. This innovative new system is paired with a Model 700™ receiver, a vault of strength and the most trusted in bolt-action. 312 has dealt with his fair share and was looking for something more reliable. The interesting thing is that the Remington 870 DM comes with a super magnum bolt and a regular barrel with a 3-inch chamber. Sold Location: Easton, PA 18040. CCI, Remington, and RWS all currently produce #10 percussion caps (the RWS #10 caps are sold commercially as the RWS 1055). The black powder cva hook Breech Plug is a metric-limited duration Breech Plug . This is a used, but in very good shape Remington 700ML Muzzleloader Musket KitEverything pictured is included. Can Breech Plug Be Interchange In Rem 700 ML,MLS,UML">Can Breech Plug Be Interchange In Rem 700 ML,MLS,UML. most accurate muzzle loader?. Your cart is empty, but you can easily fill it with the best outdoor gear and apparel from Sportsman's Warehouse. I use the Parker 300 gr match hunter bullet with the Remington sabot. - February 21, 2021 0 One of the main issues with many muzzleloaders is the ignition system. If you make any small error, the rifle will not fire the primer. If the Genesis breaks it will be Traditions that fix the rifle I was told. Remington 700 Muzzleloader Breech Plug Assembly, 50 Cal. My concern was whether parts would still be available for the Genesis since it was discontinued. The Remington Ultimate is a whole different ignition system, with a barrel designed to double the charges of either the 700ml rifles. This stainless steel replacement breech plug is designed to work with all CVA Accura V2 & MR. Remington Genesis Hammer Extension & Breech Plug Wrench Blackpowder. Com">Remington GenesisTalk to me people. CVA Breech Plugs, Remington Rifle Firearm Magazines 10 Rounds, Remington Remington Shotgun Barrel Parts, Men's Jodhpurs & Breeches; Additional …. This breech plug is compatible with the CVA™ Buckhorn, Eclipse, Eclipse Hunter, Stag Horn, Magbolt 150, Firebolt, Firebolt Ultramag & Hunterbolt Magnum. 00 ASG Gen2 Breech Plug Upgrade for Remington 700UML And Ultimate Firearms Muzzleloaders. Bought a remington genesis thumb hole stock I want to shoot the 209 Any and all load/gun information you can provide me be great!!! Forums. 159" and a Lehigh Vent liner installed in the end of the plug. Universal Breech Plug & Nipple Wrench by TRADITIONS MUZZLELOADERSA must with scoped muzzleloaders! A steel wrench that will remove 209, musket and #11 nipples plus the breech plug from …. Piston and breech seals (one each) kit for the original Benjamin Legacy 1000 and Remington Genesis Break-Barrel Rifles. The Northwest Accelerator™ incorporates a built in Musket Cap Nipple slot and the plug's flat face and heavy duty O-ring provides reliable ignition and reduced blow back. Numrich has a huge selection of Remington 700 Muzzleloader parts and has the customer service and experience that you would expect from the world's largest supplier of gun parts. SKU: N/A Category: Breech Plugs Tags: 700ML Replacement Plug, breech plugs. Remington 700ML replacement breech plug $22. 95, but they are running a 25% off spring sale right now which makes it $44 and change. Actual product may not appear exactly as shown. If your 700 ML has been sidelined by a badly corroded or damaged breech plug, get it back in the field with this high-quality replacement for the discontinued factory part. Great deals on Breech Plug In Rifle Parts. He could answer anything you want. 1 plug if you have a genesis take out the plug and run it on a power wire wheel and take off the sharp edge it then comes out great !!!!!!!!! 12-26-2009, 07:02 PM #13 glee02. For Sale: one pair of screws for the number 4 Remington rolling block rifle. Parts are available to the public for self installation, but they can also be installed by our highly trained gunsmiths. I did a bit of internet research and the opinion of some others is that a Traditions breech plug would actually work. You build it just like a custom Rifle until you get to the chambering. XUYUAN ELIUNG 10Pcs Dual-Ended Wrench 6-22mm, Socket Plumber Back Nut Tap Spark Plug Spanner Set Extended Spark Plug Wrench Set Dual Purpose Hollow Hexagonal Threaded Sleeve Tool. I have spoken to numerous gunsmiths as well …. 1 - Soak the beech plug and action in penetrating oil for 2 days. With the 300-grain Winchester Supreme Partition, the 325-grain Buffalo SSB and the 295-grain Power Belt conical, the Genesis never exceeded 2½ inches at 100 yards, with some groups in the 1- to 1½-inch range. The stock trigger is of course, as per all Remington 700's, horrible. Tactical Breecher Choke Tube Fits Beretta/Benelli 12 Gauge Improved Cylinder. 085 longer than the smoker), this kit will be the subject of a future post. There was no blow back from the breech plug. With the Maxim 50, suppressor manufacturer SilencerCo has definitely disrupted the blackpowder world with the first integrally suppressed muzzleloader. Milled from solid bar stock, these straight tang plugs are available in all standard American threads for barrels from 3/4" to 1 1/8" in diameter. The Remington 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader eliminates the filthiness of 209 primers, regular breech plug removal, drilling carbon out of breech plugs and poor ignition due to long interrupted thread breech plugs. This breech plug closely resembles the Metrics Unlimited plugs no longer made. Its not a matter of if, its when. Big game hunters in the United States traditionally had two options in semi-automatic rifles, the Browning BAR and Remington 7400. I have looked around at many websites, even the remington site. 0 out of 5 stars Worked wonders! Shipping was lightening fast! Very satisfied! Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2021. Remington 700 ML 209 nipple came out of breech plug. Remington 11-48 Automatic Shotgun Parts,Remington 1100 Shotgun Parts Remington Pump 870 Shotgun Parts. Save on Remington Genesis Muzzleloading Accessories- with. Failure to extract problem is one of the most common Remington 870 problems. Quantity Discount Price Purchase Limit. The CVA Paramount HTR builds off the already successful Paramount platform with VariFlame ignition and Bergara barrel, but with a new hunter-friendly stock and CeraKote finish. Remington Model 1100 Breech Bolt Return Plunger Retaining Ring $ 2. Traditions A1864 Double Sided Breach Plug Wrench. There are 3 Projectiles that can be shot with this barrel, Saboted Conical . All Available REMINGTON ARMS COMPANY SHOTGUN REPAIR PARTS;Bob's Gun Parts Shop, Bob's Gun Shop, Po Box 200 Royal Ar 71968. Original breech plug for the M1855, M1861 and M1863/64 Springfield and contract muskets. Because it is larger and stronger and designed to prevent excess blow-back. Remington 700ML Breech Plug- Muzzleloading Rifle - New !! "F" CVA Breech Plug Wrenches, Nipple Wrench, Decapping Tool With Nipples A2. Shop Thompson Center Breech Plug for Pro-hunter | Customer Rated on 1 Review for Thompson Center Breech Plug for Pro-hunter + Free Shipping over $49. Remington basic specifications follow. Convert your Remington 700 muzzleloader to fire 209 shotgun primers. Man, I had a hell of a time getting my Breech plug out yesterday. Share: Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Tumblr …. CVA, Traditions, Knight, Thompson/Center & More! Best Prices. As a bonus, the Ultimate™ Ignition System allows the rifle to be cleaned without removing the breech plug. Listed here are links to everything we go over in the video and what you will need to upgrade your Remington 700 UML. 45 Cal Investarm™ Hawken Carbine Rifle DIY Kit - 24" Barrel & Percussion Ignition - IA4215K. If your 700 ML has been sidelined by a badly corroded or damaged breech plug, get it back in the field with this high-quality …. But I found that cleaning the flash channel every 6 shots helps to eliminate hangs, and blowback. It's like they are welded together. Need a breech plug for a Knight Revolution. CVA Replacement Breech Plug CVA. I talked with Remington customer service earlier this month (Dec 2012) while looking for a replacement breech plug. Remington UML Upgrades; Clothing; Clearance; Clothing; Clearance; My Account; Wishlist; Compare; My Account; Wishlist; Compare; Search Products. All three guns came with tubular breech plug …. Mostly an excursion into dark electronic music and slowed-down deep house, it was the more pop-focused first single "So Low" that brought Maloney his first wider audience. After a soak of kroil from both sides of breech plug, use an impact gun with a stout socket and extension. REMINGTON ARMS COMPANY, INC. CVA® Optima™ V2 Pistol Replacement Forestock - Matte Black - 30815D. Currently three breech plugs are being used in Omega rifles. it never hurts to have a spare breech plug around the house. 00 CVA® #11 & Musket Cap Replacement Breech Plug - Fits Buckhorn, Eclipse, Eclipse Hunter, Stag Horn, Magbolt 150, Firebolt, Firebolt Ultramag, Hunterbolt, Magnum Hunter - AC1679 CVA In stock. G2 Contender Takedown Procedure. If the bolt binds anywhere as it is moved forward, backward, or camming down and into the. More to explore : Traditions Hunting Breech Plugs, CVA Breech Plugs, Traditions Muzzleloader Vintage Hunting Black Powder, Black Powder Breech Plugs, Traditions Rifle Muzzleloader Vintage Hunting Black Powder,. 16AML Rear Sight For Black Powder Rifles. T/C Pro Hunter ACP breech plug. TriggerTech Diamond FLAT SHOE FREE Fed2day - AUTHORIZED DEALER $289. Leaky Breech, OEM Remington 700 MLS above. Arrowhead Gen2 Rem 700 UML Gen2 Replacement Breech Plug. Blunderbuss Buckstalker XT Pursuit XT Tracker Vortek Strikerfire The CVA™ NW QRBP Breech Plug Installation Tool is used to initially install new Northwest QRBP breech plugs. The bolt of the Savage 10ML-II holds the 209 against the breechplug primer pocket, “controlled primer feed” for lack of a better term. BR1020 L&R 7/8" BREECH PLUG 2" TANG. The parts listed below are for your identification purposes only. 50 caliber, 24” stainless steel barrel, a reversible hammer spur to accommodate left or right handed shooters, an ambidextrous breech, a very nice recoil pad, DuraBright fiber optic open sights, a quick release breech plug, and is drilled and tapped for a scope. Traditions Accelerator Breech Plug. 3rd Step - Remove the two forend screws. The installed kit makes your 700 ML work like the Savage 10 ML-II. A longer length of rod than the one provided might give you more leverage to get the plug moving, but you'll probably have to douse it with penetrating oil. Neal wrote:I set out to buy a $300 or less blackpowder gun and came across old listings for the Remington Genesis but none. 11 or musket caps to shoot 209 primers. Nothing affects performance of your muzzleloader more than a clean breech plug for consistent ignition and better overall accuracy. I know it has to be a long barreled, thin walled socket to work. To remove the plug, follow the installation instructions to remove the magazine spring retainer removal. Precision Rifles & Muzzleloaders Ready to shoot packages! Shop Now Precision Rifles & Muzzleloaders Ready to shoot packages!. Combo includes the Optima® V2 209 muzzleloader, a KonusPro 3-9x40 scope mounted with a DuraSight DEAD-ON one-piece scope mount system, and a CVA Soft Gun case. I can shoot the gun 4,5,6,7 times in a row and it fires. The breech plug that comes standard in the rifle is not really designed for the use of BH 209 (or any loose powder) because the front of the breech plug is flat. Longer nose developed for Smokeless barrels (. Check back for upcoming details on progress, job opportunities in Georgia and more. The Thompson Center® Speed Breech™ XT Breech Plug is designed for use with all loose powder and pelletized muzzleloading propellants. side bolsters that the nipple screws in to. Survival (current) Free 2nd Amendment Gun Rights Silver Coin ;. If your planning on using Blackhorn 209 powder, this is a necessary modification. Arrowhead Gen2 Breech Plug Upgrade for T/C Encores (not for interrupted thread plugs or easy out plugs). So I remembered I had some 250 grain shockwaves around and it was a nice day. Faded Blue Midsouth Shooters Hat With White Mesh Back. This CVA® replacement breech plug uses a #11 or Musket percussion cap and is constructed of stainless steel. Remington Muzzleloading Primer 209. Always been a believer in “buy once, cry once” though so waffling…. 50cal Western DISC & Knight Vision. I note that parts (specifically a breech plug) …. Notify me when this product is in stock. Stainless steel; Fits Encore 209x50/209x45 and Omega; Threads in with a simple 7/16 Socket. The Anti-Seize Lubricant is designed to withstand explosive temperatures while preventing fouling or powder residue from binding. Again, this is without any primers. 120grs maximum of black powder. The yellow is too thick and makes it hard to get the breech plug into place. It should close easily and without binding or pressure. Seay; Start date Oct 28, 2011; Oct 28, 2011 #1 W. Blast from the Past: Remington 11. Breech plug removal on old flintlock. Choose Item Breech Plug Wrench EZ driver (5/16 to 3/8) 8mm or 5/16 ratcheting boxend wrench Complete EZ-tool setup (all three items. Arrowhead Obsidian Muzzleloader, Apollo 2. Remington 700 ML 209 nipple came out of breech plug. Browse the schematic and find the Remington 700 Muzzleloader parts and you need to complete your repair. The Remington company was founded in 1816. I keep my breech plugs coated with the stuff and never had an issue, even on guns that were left to sit for ten years. Back to home page Return to top. Sometimes as it cools, again with the vice thing, you …. Even the 45 Winchester magnum brass from Starline can vary up to. The plug must be measured and cut to a specific length which varies depending on the gauge and magazine length. As to tuning the breech plug, Fiocchi 209 primers will not fit in my rifle without tuning. Traditions Flintlock Shooter's Revolver Cleaning Kit. Has anyone built a muzzleloader like the Remington Ultimate. For consistent ignition and better overall accuracy, nothing affects your Muzzleloader performance more than a clean breech plug. 50 cal Remington Genesis which isn't manufactured anymore and I let the breech plug rust up real bad and I want to get a replacement. Choose an option Bolt Nose Kit & Breech Plug Breech Plug Only. HAWKINS ULTRALIGHT TACTICAL RINGS - FREE SHIPPING $167. Then hold the barrel in a wooden V block in your vise while trying to turn the breech plug with the wrench or the proper size socket on an extended handle. Check the ejection port, chamber, and magazine tube to make sure that there are no shells in the shotgun prior to disassembly. NOTE: To remove the breech plug from the barrel - the extractor must first be removed from the barrel lug. Detailed guide of Rifle Scope mounts for Remington Genesis. The breech plug has a 209 "flash chamber" with Lehigh "Savage type Vent Liner. Most 700ML barrels are of excellent quality, and when paired with this system, shoot BH209 extremely well. Shop Thompson Center Breech Plug Encore 209x50 Magnum Rifle & Pistol, Omega | 5 Star Rating on 1 Review for Thompson Center Breech Plug Encore 209x50 Magnum Rifle & Pistol, Omega + Free Shipping over $49. The breech plug holds the 209 primer used to ignite the powder charge. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for giRAMROD 22 5/16" - Remington Genesis -Muzzleloader Blackpowder ramrod (9mm Dia) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. This is my first muzzleloader for shooting sabbots. I am looking for a breech plug for one. The new CVA® QR™ Breech Plug is designed for use with all loose powder and pelletized muzzleloading propellants. Thompson Center Worm Patch Puller 9010 $7. Show Printable Version; 10-08-2009, 01:28 PM #11. **Solid Design: **Remington plans to offer the Genesis in the entire gamut of stainless and blued, plain and fluted versions, with. 32 shell has the primer flash hole reamed to 5/64 inch and uses a Small Rifle regular or Magnum primer. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Remington Genesis Muzzleloader Breech Plug at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a hunting license and that's pretty close. Removing a Sidelock Breech Plug is 100% Unnecessary for the MOST Part, under normal Cleaning and Care, there is NO REASON to Attempt Removing a Breech Plug from your Sidelock Muzzleloader. In 2014 Remington entered the muzzleloading market with their modified version of the classic Remington 700.